1. braydaaan:

    How to put on Jeans: 1. Grab belt loops 2. Jump around like a bunny 3. Twerk for a few minutes 4. Lunge left 5. Lunge right                    

    Don’t forget a couple low squats just to be sure.

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  2. "What’s with the accent Queen Victoria? Thought I was signing up for the US Army."

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  3. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles that we never could.

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  4. themalkingjay:

    me not shaving my legs has literally nothing to do with feminism and literally everything to do with me being lazy

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  7. oate:

    *shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING

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  8. newyork:

    Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller in New York, also by Sam Shaw

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    Follow these tips to brighten your morning!

    1. Stretch. It’s a wonderful way to loosen your joints and increase flexibility. It will also get rid of any knots in your muscles from sleeping! You can try yoga or meditation, too.

    2. Take a shower. Showers wake you up and will leave you feeling fresh and ready for the day!

    3. Make your bed. You’ll be less likely to get back in and it will make you feel productive!

    4. Eat a healthy breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, so give your body the calories and nutrients it needs!

    5. Turn on some music. It’ll leave you feeling happy, relaxed, and ready for the day!

    6. Wear something cute. You’ll be feeling confident and comfortable all day long! To save time, prepare your outfit the night before.

    7. Read an inspirational quote. Find one that motivates you!

    8. Wake up early. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning. If you’re less rushed, you’ll be in a better mood for the rest of the day.

    9. Drink a tall glass of water. It’ll get you hydrated and feeling good!

    10. Make a list of things you want to accomplish. Reward yourself at the end of the day if you complete all of your tasks. A list will help keep you focused and satisfied when you can check everything off!

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    holy fuck

    Well…that escalated quickly.


    but it turned out to be everything i wanted

    5/5 stars

    Best plot twist of all time.

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    That was so beautiful

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